Capacitor Control Panels

Capacitor Control Panels
Capacitor Control Panels
  • ECC Make Capacitor Control Panels (APFC Panels) are designed to improve the power factor and consist of heavy duty capacitor banks, automatic power factor controller and other control, indicating, monitoring, measurement and protective devices
  • Rating : 40 to 200 KVAr in Standard Ratings
  • Panels are fitted with capacitors with series reactors to minimize harmonic current to maintain system stability and prevent alteration of system voltage & current
  • Painted with 7 Tank Pretreatment Process followed by Powder Coating to ensure longevity and uniformity

Products & Solutions

  • Low voltage busducts
  • Medium & high voltage busducts
  • Sandwich busducts
  • Power control center
  • Motor control center
  • Lighting & power distribution boards